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The rumbling sound of thunder was heard as the skies were dark. Many went in search of shelter to cover themselves from the coming storm before they were caught in it.

But a figure was spotted in the sky, and if one was paying any attention, they’d notice the storm appeared to be following him as if he was the source of the storm clouds

He was a tall figure who had black hair in a long braid and was wearing an intricate armored outfit that had tied sashes on the front and attached to his legs were a pair of wheels that were spinning fire as he went that enabled him to fly. He had red eyes and wore earrings on his pointed ears and he carried on his person a long polearm.

Although he looked like a human, he would rip off the head of anyone who would dare to call him that. He was a Youkai, a member of The Thunder Tribe and he took pleasure in using his powers to terrorize the pitiful humans of the land.

He looked on and his mood increased as the sky darkened around him, due to being a member of his tribe, he had command over and could create storm clouds.

Behind him, following after the demon was a black cloud.

A girl was seen lying on the cloud, she had long brown hair in a ponytail and was clad in armor but the armor appeared damaged as she was not conscious or moving as she laid there.

Hiten glanced back at the unconscious woman and a smile formed on his face as he stared at her.

“I have slain many a demon beforehand Raiju Youkai, and I shall you as ell if you do not leave.” Sango said holding her weapon up before her as she prepared to fight the Thunder Demon.

Hiten gripped his pike in his right hand twirling it a smirk on his face at this human’s nerve to challenge him. “You have quite the delusions to think you can somehow defeat me fool.”

Sango held her giant boomerang in her hands as the clouds rumbled up above as a symbol of the battle that was going to take place.

Hiten snickered before subconsciously licking his lips as he stared at the woman and thrust his hand forward shooting a blast of lightning, Sango leapt up avoiding it and threw her weapon at him as the battle began.

She had fought well, better than he had expected a human would but the fight had ended with him victorious and blasting her with lightning from his weapon knocking her out. He had thought about disposing of her then and there but a different idea formed in his head at what he could do as he took her, taking Sango to a unknown destination

He turned his head back around and smirked as he was arriving at the place. The place was filled with dark clouds as it always appeared to be. Only those of The Thunder Tribe knew about this place as it was where he, his brother and sister had been born at and was considered sacred to those of the Raiju line.

He dropped down in front of a shrine before a statue of a roaring wolf. He stood in front of it and the statue’s eyes sparked with purple electricity seemingly awake and sensing his presence. Hiten turned around and walked over to the storm cloud where Sango was lying at.

He scooped her up off it easily carrying her in his arms, he carried the fallen hunter into the shrine. Hiten walked forward before coming to the center of the shrine carrying Sango.

He dropped her rather unceremoniously to the ground, Sango’s body hit it and she let out a sound and slowly her eyes began to open looking up at the smug Youkai. “Awake are you?” Hiten asked her as he placed his pike blade first on the ground.

“You…” She said weakly as she tried to pull herself up off the ground but to no avail. She remembered what had happened knowing she had been defeated.

Hiten smirked at her before squatting down to his knees so that he was face value with her. “I must admit that for a human you gave me some trouble earlier.” He told Sango who looked on at him as she struggled to pull herself up to her elbows. She had taken a pounding when she had fought him despite her efforts to defeat him.

Hiten’s hand reached out and grasped her chin so that she had to look at him. “You would not be the first fool who thought they could defeat me.” He said to Sango and she glared at him.

He pulled her up off the ground so that she was in a sitting position her back to him, his arm firmly around her waist. Sango gritted her teeth and tried to pull away but Hiten held her firmly. Hiten leaned towards her neck and inhaled her scent catching a whiff of it as he looked on at the back of her head. Such a pleasing scent she had, it caused quite a stir in his loins.

The demon hunter squirmed in his grip, mentally demanding her body to find the last sources of strength she had so she could get free from him. She had no weapons on her person, but all she needed was just one opening in order to fight him off.

Hiten began to speak and chant in the youkai language, speaking in a tone that Sango didn’t understand. Hiten continued to do so as the thunder rumbled outside which she could hear it growing louder. And it seemed that it was growing louder with each word he spoke.

Hiten continued on, speaking in the unknown language. The Thunder Demon spoke in a fast tone, his words filling the place as it echoed off of the walls. Lightning shot through the clouds outside crackling and bursting.

After several moments he suddenly stopped having finished the recital. And then his hands began to wander…

His hands trailed across her body caressing each and every part of her figure that she had covered up in her outfit. He peeled away and undid her armor stripping it off of her first exposing her back and chest. Sango blushed heavily as she was half naked and in the arms of a demon who was quite intent on having her body as her chest was only covered up with sarashi wrappings but if he wanted to, could just as easily rip it off and expose her fully. Shame filled Sango over her situation but resolve found its way back inside her. “Do it,” She said her voice regaining strength and she turned her head to face Hiten who looked on a bit surprised at her tone and the glare she gave him. “Go ahead and violate me if you wish to do so, but make sure that I’m dead when you’re finished, because know I will stop at nothing to find and kill you no matter where you go if you don‘t.” She said as no matter if he defiled her here and now in this place, she would hang onto her pride and not let him believed he won no matter what.

Hiten looked on at her surprised at the strength she had showed him but the red eyed demon chuckled at her. “Good,” He said as despite her predicament she was still refusing to yield to him. “I was hoping you say something like that instead of giving up,” He said cupping her face as she stared at him with full defiance. “Yes, a perfect member of my Tribe you shall be.” He said before kissing her.

Sango just barely had the time to register what he said before his lips were on her own. She cried out in protest as she was involuntarily being kissed by him. She struggled but to no avail as Hiten continued to kiss her.

Hiten was no stranger to bedding females. Numerous others he had taken beforehand, so he easily knew what to do to get them to react or cry out. It was the same as when fighting an enemy and hitting the chink in their armor. And he could tell that Sango was a virgin with how she reacted so she was unprepared for anything he’d do to her body. And Sango would want him to do whatever he wished to her soon enough.

Hiten continued to kiss her deeply as his tongue licked her lips which she stubbornly was keeping closed but he was not going to be deterred by it as she was resisting him but he knew that she wouldn’t for long. His arm was wrapped around her back and going up her spine making her shiver at his touch

Sango moaned weakly and opened her mouth granting Hiten access as he thrust his tongue inside. Sango shut her eyes as he did as she began to return the kiss to him engaging him back as the thunder outside grew louder and louder as the storm worsened as more lightning emerged from the clouds.

(What’s happening?) She thought to herself as her body was feeling different, she couldn’t explain it but ever since the Youkai first kissed her she felt as though her body was changing. She shouldn’t be reacting like this, she should not be being taken in by what he was doing to her. Yet despite it, her body was leaning more into his interactions with her.

Hiten pulled away and licked her neck with his tongue making Sango gasp as a heavy blush played across her face as his tongue caressed her neck. He licked and scrapped every part of the accessible flesh to him. Sango’s entire body was set before him and he was going to enjoy the full course as he pushed her down to the floor and continued feasting upon her.

Sango cried out as she wrapped her arms around his neck. It wasn’t a cry of pain, it sounded more like pleasure had escaped her lips just now. She wasn’t concerning herself with trying to fight him off now, all she desired continuing this

Hiten devoured her ample body, listening to every pant and moan that escaped her as he left no trace of her body untouched. He continued on as Sango had shut her eyes and her body was relaxing as the muscles had loosened up and no longer resisting him.

His lips came on contact with hers once more and Sango let out a soft sound in her throat as she felt him lick her cheek. She was craving more and more of his touches and caress as she breathed heavily her chest raising up and down. She paid no attention to the roaring thunder outside, all of her mind was on him.

Hiten stroked her cheek with a rather soft touch as he looked on at her. “Since you seem to be wanting more, I guess I should grant you your request.” He told Sango with a smirk and kissed her and Sango returned it to him as they continued on.

Sango was seen with the bottom half of her armor and outfit discarded wearing only her wrappings and the undergarment over her waist lying in Hitens’ arms. Her body glistened with sweat as she nearly choked on her saliva when she felt his fingers touch and stroke her lower parts. Nobody had ever touched her like this before and her eyes were glazed over a look of pleasure on her face at what was happening to her as she was wanting more and more from the youkai.

“You’re mine forever.” He told her looking on as he stroked her head and Sango looked on at him and for a brief second a spark of lightning shot across her eyes as they continued as the storm outside subsided and quit.

A dark storm cloud was seen hovering and going through the air, and there was an occupant on it as it flew in the sky

Sango was seen seated on the dark cloud but she appeared different.

Her hair was no longer in a ponytail as it was undone and hanging down her back, she had on a dark blue kimono leaving her shoulders and neck bare and on it were bolts of lightning. Her eyes sparked with electricity for a moment as a smile was on her face as she looked down from the cloud at the ground below. The humans beneath her looked as small as insects.

Raising up her hand she suddenly fired a bolt of lightning from her fingers which nearly hit a farmer and sent his donkey running off in terror. She threw back her head and laughed as she watched the display taking pleasure in it and watching them scatter.

“I see you are enjoying yourself.” A voice said and Hiten flew beside her and he landed on the cloud joining her and she leaned back into his embrace as he wrapped an arm around his mate.

“Yes I am,” She said as she was no longer a human, Sango had been turned as she was now a Maiden of Thunder. The young hunter had become a Youkai due to the ritual that had happened at the shrine that Hiten had performed thus making her into one after what had happened between her and him. “I’m taking great delight in watching them flee.” She said bringing an arm up to wrap around his head which was leaning on her shoulder. She had now a new attitude regarding humans similar to which Hiten had.

Hiten chuckled at her. “Those humans are nothing more than worms in the dirt before us.” He said stroking her face as Sango smiled at him and he kissed her cheek. “But enough of dealing with some maggots. I have more important matters to discuss with you.” He said to her.

“Oh?” Sango asked a bit curious and intrigued.

“Yes, tell me my mate, have you ever heard of The Shikon Jewel?”

Maiden of Thunder
Something I've been working on as I don't think anyone's ever done anything with these two.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha

“This water feels so warm.” The red headed mermaid said a smile on her face as she swam easily through the water current. “And I’ve never seen this type of aqua life before.” She said as she looked on at the species before her. Fish that she hadn’t ever seen before.

Ariel, the youngest Daughter of Triton and Princess of Atlantica looked on around her as she was in a new place. She had journeyed her as the area was vastly different than her ocean home.

The place was alive with flora and fauna as she could hear birds and other types of animals she had never seen before. This place was interesting to the young mermaid who looked on. The air felt warmer and humid than other places she had been to she noticed. The curious mermaid wanted to see everything this place had.

What was curious was she saw no boats or ships here, as the place seemed too narrow for them to be in here. Nor did she see any human settlements, but given the wildlife she saw including some she knew better than to get near, she could see why there wasn’t any humans around here. “A bit of a shame, I wondered what the humans here are like, oh well.” Ariel mused as she swam through the jungle water. She had traveled and came to this exotic location as it was not like anywhere else she had been before. Upon seeing the strange trees here, she had swam and was out of the ocean and now in a river.

Unknown to Ariel, someone was watching her from above in the trees. Looking down at her with interest at seeing the mermaid swimming nearby.  

Ariel continued on swimming blissfully unaware that she was being spied on. She saw odd creatures that swung through the trees and had tails on their bottoms as well as beasts she had seen in the books she had scavenged from ships.

Ariel dove underwater and looked on around her, as she did she was unknowingly getting close to the person who was spying on her who smirked seeing her getting closer and closer.

Ariel paused as she saw an underwater cave and feeling adventurous went to go in. But before she could, she felt something tug on her fins keeping her from moving.

“Huh?” Ariel said and turned her head around confusion on her face and looking on saw something wrapped around them.

Before she could say anything or try to undo them she suddenly was harshly pulled forward.

Ariel cried out in shock as she was plucked out of the water and into the air. Ariel gasped in shock as she was hanging upside down in the air, dangling and unable to move. Confusion and a bit of fear was on her face at what was going on just now.

“Well, well,” A voice suddenly said from above her. “Look what I’ve caught.” It said and Ariel shifted her head so that she was looking up towards where it was coming from.

“A human?” She whispered to herself looking on as there was someone in the trees. It was a woman who had a smirk on their face. Ariel looked on and saw that she wasn’t a human, nor was she a merfolk she realized.

The person’s hair was similar to her own in length and style but was a brown color. She also had cold blue eyes as well. Her lower half was the most catching as unlike a fish, it was long and scaly as it was black with purple stripes on it. Like that of a serpent in fact.

“Who are you?” Ariel asked as she squirmed about in the coils which were wrapped around her body. Try as she might she couldn’t get loose from them. The woman smirked at her and with a tug brought Ariel up towards her until that they were face to face as Ariel hanging upside down looked on ahead at her.

“You may call me Vanessa,” The snake like woman said to her in response as she held Ariel in the air with her tail wrapped around her fins. “And just what is your name Little Mermaid?”

“M-My name is Ariel.” She answered in a nervous tone. “You’re a Lamia aren’t you?” She asked as she now remembered. A type of creatures similar to merfolk that had the upper body of a human and the lower half of a snake. There were some that could live on land and others that could live in the water.

“Yes, that’s what I am.” Vanessa said and playfully swished her tail about making Ariel swing on it.

Ariel looked on feeling uncomfortable with all the blood that was rushing to her head and making her feel dizzy due to being upside down for so long. “Let me down.” Ariel said as she tried to get loose.

“Why should I do that? We just meet one another.” The Lamia said to her with a chuckle. “But if you insist on it.”

Ariel was moved over and she was placed on the branch with Vanessa. She squirmed about on it but the dark haired Lamia’s coils wrapped around her. “Don’t struggle, it’d be awful if you fell off to the ground below and become prey for a tiger.” Vanessa chided her as Ariel didn’t know what a tiger was but it didn’t sound pleasant as she was out of her element now no longer being in the water. “Just relax and don’t worry about anything.” She told the mermaid as her tail stroked Ariel’s red locks. “Tell me something about yourself Ariel, it’s quite uncommon for someone of your kind to be here.”

Ariel fidgeted in them as her mind was telling her to get out of here as The Lamia despite her friendly words and smile there was something off about her, something that didn’t seem right. “I am from Atlantica,” She answered in a hesitant voice to her.

“I see, I’ve heard of that place.” Vanessa said with a friendly smile to her.

“Yes,” Ariel said as she moved to get the coils off of her waist so she could move about on the branch. “I’ve never been to this place before, as I like to see new places and found myself here.” She told Vanessa.

“Oh do you?”

“Right, although my father and others think me odd at times with how I like to explore places.” She explained as she felt how different it was not being in the water and on strange new terrain.

“There’s no shame in that,” Vanessa said and Ariel looking on slowly relaxed her guard.

“There’s so much about this world, not just under the sea that I wanna see. There’s things I’ve never seen before and want to witness.”

Vanessa chuckled suddenly and Ariel looked on at her. “What did I say?”

“Nothing, it’s just you are so curious about all the things people can do, I also have something unique that very few don’t.”

“Really?” Ariel asked a bit giddy and curious. “What is it?” She asked a bit hopeful that she’d have items here that she could use for her collection.

“Are you sure you want me to show you?” Vanessa asked her as she casually ran a hand through her brown hair.

“Yes, I’d really want to see it.” Ariel said unknowingly.

“If you insist then let me show you.” Vanessa said and pressed her forehead against Ariel’s own. “Just look at me.”

The Lamia’s eyes began to glow brightly suddenly as she stared ahead at Ariel who was made to look at them. “What are you?” Ariel said looking on as shapes and spirals appeared in Vanessa’s eyes.

“Just don’t say anything,” Vanessa said as she put a finger on her lips to shush her. “Just continue looking on at me Ariel.” She said to Ariel who did and slowly her eyes began to change and reflect what was going on in Vanessa’s eyes as the shapes and spirals changed in them. Her long lower half wrapped around Ariel tying around her so she wouldn’t be able to move or try to pull away from her

The Lamia loosened her coils around Ariel, as they wouldn’t be needed any longer she could tell as she was falling under their spell.

She was using her hypnosis powers, that which her kind possessed, those with soft and weak minds like the girl before her would be helpless before them when they used it and would fall under their control once they stared back into them

Vanessa’s eyes continued to change shape and spirals as she stared ahead at Ariel who looked on before her, helpless to resist or defend herself from them as it continued on for several minutes as a smile was on her face from the effect of it.

Ariel said nothing as a blank smile formed on her face as she looked on as the colors in Vanessa’s spiraled eyes changed color, from green to yellow to pink to blue and her own eyes were changing as well with what was happening to her.

Soon Vanessa stopped and looked on and laughed as Ariel had been taken under the effect of her hypnosis, having used her powers to hypnotize her and put the mermaid under her control “Silly little girl.” She told the mermaid playfully flicking her on the nose with the end of her tail making Ariel comically go cross eyed for a moment. “You shouldn’t always be so trusting.” She said with a chuckle. “You were so insisting on seeing what I could do and now look where its got you.” She said and let out a laugh.

Vanessa grinned looking on at the hypnotized mermaid before her. So helpless in her coils right now with no chance of getting free or escaping her. Cupping her captive’s face with her hands, she then leaned forward and kissed her right on the mouth.

Vanessa kissed Ariel, her lips meshing against her own. The lamia continued to kiss her as she brought an arm up and stroked her head running through her red hair.

Vanessa forcefully thrust her tongue into Ariel’s mouth and engaged her own, the hapless mermaid moaned as her tongue was engaged but did not resist or struggle against it. She shut her eyes as it was happening as she leaned into the kiss as Vanessa wrapped an arm around her back.

Ariel said or did nothing as Vanessa continued to kiss her. Slowly she began to kiss her back as the mermaid engaged her returning the kiss as the two sat there on the branch. Ariel let out a sound of pleasure as she was now enjoying it and wanting to stay like this.

After several minutes had passed between them as they continued, Vanessa stopped and pulled away from her.

“Now Ariel,” Vanessa ordered inbetween kisses on her face. “Everyday when the sun is at this point, you will return here. You are to tell no one about this or what you are doing whenever you leave.” She said before gently kissing her on the lips. “Understand?” She asked with a grin

“Yes Mistress Vanessa.” Ariel said with a smile her eyes back to normal but under her power as she would follow her orders she‘d been given.

“Good girl, now run along and be back here tomorrow.” Vanessa said and releasing Ariel into the water watched on as the mermaid swam off.

The next day Ariel was seen swimming in the jungle ravine as she was doing what she had been ordered to do yesterday. She swam on before coming to the spot where she was told to go to and stopped and looked on up above.

She sat there in the water waiting patiently.

A tail slithered down from above before getting into the water and wrapping around her waist tying around it securely.

Ariel was lifted up out of the water as the mermaid was carried upwards to the tree to where the occupant was at.

“Ready to continue from yesterday Ariel?” Vanessa, the devious lamia asked the hypnotized mermaid a smile on her face as she cupped her face.

“Yes Mistress.” Ariel obediently replied an eager smile to be back with her.

“Good.” Vanessa said before leaning forward and kissing her once more.

Vanessa's Catch
Point Commission done for WielderOfBlueFlames who wanted a story with Ariel and Vanessa with her as a Lamia

Disclaimer: I don't own The Little Mermaid

A giggling sound was heard inside the top office of the large building.

Inside the spacious room two people were seen seated before a desk. One of them happened to be seated on the other.

Tea Gardner sighed in pleasure as she felt her neck be kissed by Seto Kaiba. She loved the way his lips caressed against her skin. Rough but yet with a touch of softness on it, She brought a hand up to his head running her hand through his locks.

“You know we shouldn’t be doing this Kaiba.” She whispered her cheeks a warm red as her body was on fire as he knew what he needed to do that would drive her crazy.

“And yet you aren’t shying away from me Tea.” Kaiba replied with a chuckle as he rubbed her back as her body was against his. “If anything you’re acting like you’re wanting more.

“You aren’t exactly making it easy you know?” Tea teased him as she playfully nipped her boyfriend’s ear.

“Well you’ve been doing a good job working for me, so consider this a bonus.” He said in a smug tone which made Tea roll her eyes having long gotten used to his arrogance.

She was working for him, just for the year to help pay for her dance tuition and college. She wanted to earn her way into the school, not get it just by being the girlfriend of one of the richest men in the world. She was working as his secretary, notifying him of meetings and updates as well as she would often accompany him whenever he had to go out of Domino

Of course, being the girlfriend to the boss of a mega corporation had its perks. As every other week she would visit him in his office and the two would have a private meeting of their own for a while.

No one else in the company knew about the two being a couple or their meetings they had. Oblivious to what was going on between them as the two would meet each other privately

Tea felt his warm lips against her cheek and she turned her head allowing him more access to her face. The logical side was telling her to quit this and get out of here lest they get caught. But the passionate side was telling her to stay right here and enjoy this and she was leaning more towards it as she kissed him on the forehead.

“Besides, if anyone dared to come in they’d be fired and blackballed from working anywhere else faster than you can say Duel Monsters.” Kaiba said to her as his hands roamed across her stomach and ribs making her laugh as he touched her sensitive spots where she was ticklish having learned from experience where she was at.

Tea scooted herself over on his lap so that she was facing him, seated comfortably so that she could look him eye to eye.

Kaiba smiled at her as he prepared to kiss her and she shut her eyes eagerly waiting for it.

Knock Knock…

The two brunette’s eyes widened in unison at hearing the noise and the jiggling of a handle was heard as someone actually was daring to come in just now.

“Mr. Kaiba?” A voice was heard as the door was opened and in stepped a female.

“Yes?” Kaiba putting on a air of annoyance as he looked up from his desk at her. “What do you want Giselle?” He asked to the blonde woman before him. A tall pretty female walked towards the desk before putting a folder down on it.

“This is the report that you asked to see today.” The woman said to him. “It just came in and I’ve came here as soon as I could to deliver it to you.”

“Ah yes, considering our expansion into Europe right?” Kaiba said acting as though not two minutes ago he was making out with someone as he sat there. He had positioned himself so that she wouldn’t notice anything off about him. “I was expecting a response from them sometime this week regarding opening a branch office there for the company.”

“Yes, they seem quite eager to work with us. But of course, knowing you and your reputation and legacy they know that you’re the best and would be fools to not agree or try to find someone else.” She said with a sultry smile to him. “I’m sure it pleases you that they agreed to do so, after your success in expanding in America.”

She was attractive and she knew it which only made things worse as she wore high heels and although her business outfit she wore looked professional, she had the top button of it undone and was wearing a mini skirt to show off her toned legs and figure as well as red lipstick on her mouth. All just to be alluring and show off to him.

Tea was hiding underneath his desk, as fortunately the opening in it was big enough for her to fit in and sit on her knees as there had been no time to do anything else. She listened in as she heard the woman talk as it was someone she recognized.

She didn’t like Giselle at all, the woman was openly flirty with Kaiba despite him showing no interest to her as she had eyes on seducing and being with him. Tea recalled the woman’s comments about her when she first started which had made her mad. It was no secret to those who worked that Giselle desired the man she loved.

“Anything else to report?” Kaiba asked not appearing to be affected by her display. A normal man may have been given into her charms, but he wasn’t like most. If anything he was finding it to be annoying the way she was presenting herself right now. Flaunting about with no dignity whatsoever with how she was acting. No, his eyes were on someone else and he would pick them every time over her if he had the choice.

“No sir, that is all I came up to deliver to you.”

“If that is all Giselle, you may leave now.” Kaiba said to her as he dismissed her.

“One more thing sir,” The blonde said to him

“Since tomorrow is Valentines’ Day, I was wondering if you’d like to go out on a date with me?” The long haired blonde said with a smile on her face. “Even you with your busy life and schedule  shouldn’t be all alone.” Giselle said to him with a smile. “The two of us together could be some fun as we could get to know each other better if we did. I’m sure it’d be a good time for the both of us if you went with me.”

Tea listened in hearing it and a low growl escaped her as a scowl formed on her face at what the woman was doing as she was openly flirting with him and asking him out. She got ready to jump out of the desk and tell her to get lost for her nerve to do so, as well as give her a black eye.

Kaiba apparently sensed Tea’s anger beneath him and narrowed his eyes at Giselle. “I have more important things to do tomorrow Giselle,” He said with cold professionalism. “Tomorrow is just another day of work the way I see it and it should be as well for you and anyone else here until you’re off. What you do then is up to you.” He said roughly shooting her down.

Giselle sourly frowned at him not expecting him to react that way to her offer but didn’t say anything in response as she turned and walked away exiting the room and shut the door behind her loudly.

Kaiba waited until she was gone before releasing his breath. “She just doesn’t take the hint that I’m not interested in her.” He muttered.

“I’d say.” Tea’s voice said and she emerged from her hiding spot and stood up patting down her clothes to remove the wrinkles on them. “I don’t like her.” She said with a frown. “I don’t like anything about her, especially how she acts around you.”

“I know you don’t, but you don’t have to worry about me doing anything with her ever.” Kaiba calmly said to her and she nodded her head at him knowing he was speaking the truth.

“I should get out of here and back to work, I’ve been here too long.” Tea said knowing she was pressing her luck as they had nearly been caught just now. They were going to have to stop doing this. Next time they might not be so lucky.

Tea went to leave when to her surprise an arm wrapped around her waist before she had gotten two steps and she found herself being pulled backwards and found herself seated back on Seto’s lap. “K-Kaiba?” She asked blushing at him at his bold actions.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” He asked in a sly tone with a  devilish smirk to her and she felt her heart pounding inside her chest. “In case you had forgot, we were in the middle of something before we were interrupted.”

“I know.” Tea said in response. “But Seto, remember what just happened, besides tomorrow is Valentines day and we could-”. She was cut off when Kaiba interrupted her with a peck on the lips making her gasp in surprise.

“We both know that I’m not the type of person to ever leave things not done and unfinished aren’t I?” Kaiba asked as he snaked an arm around her back massaging it making Tea shiver in anticipation.

“Right.” She said and he smiled at her.

“So then, let’s continue where we left off, which was right here.”

Kaiba’s lips come onto her own and Tea moaned forgetting all about her previous concerns and shut her eyes before wrapping her arms around his neck as she returned the kiss feverishly as the two resumed their private meeting.

Office Meeting
Hadn't done anything with this pairing in a long time so I whipped this up

Disclaimer: I don't own any version of Yu-Gi-Oh

At the hotel where she was told to stay at, The bun haired girl looked on out the window at the nightlife of Tokyo.

TenTen watched on from the window as she had been told by her Mother, Chun Li to stay here for her own safety this night.

She wasn’t ignorant, she knew what they did and she was being groomed as the heir and successor once she was of age. Having learned long ago what they did in their life and line of work. She knew everything about their activities and why she had to stay here for her own protection she was told.

“No matter how much wealth I amass,” She recalled her telling her before they left earlier. “It doesn’t mean a damn if anything happens to you.” Chun Li told the girl she’d adopted as her daughter and who TenTen loved as a Mother.

She was having to stay here for her own safety as guards were around the place, she also carried a weapon on her person having been trained and taught to defend herself and was no stranger to using it.

She looked on out the window again as TenTen watched on.

“Mother…” She said softly waiting for her and the others to come back

Chun Li dodged Vega’s claw as she battled him in the hidden spot. The masked assassin slashed at her just missing her but making a cut in her outfit. He brought his claw up and removed the tiny piece of cloth sticking off it before bringing it to his masked face and sniffing her scent from it making her scrunch up in disgust at his display.

“You wasn’t my intended target, but you’ll make a nice bonus kill for me.” He told her as he dropped the cloth to the floor.

He attacked again as Chun Li had to stay on guard, Vega’s deadly speed and agility had led to many being the next victim of his weapon. She dodged and evaded his attacks and threw a kick at him which he blocked and he leapt up to the ceiling of the room clinging like a spider.

He dove down at her and she back flipped out of the way evading his swooping attack and landed on her feet and threw a fireball which he evaded. Crouching down and tensing every muscle in his long legs, he leapt like a frog and delivered a dropkick at her making her stagger back colliding against a beam. Vega lunged at her his Claw poised for the kill and Chun Li dodged it as the bladed weapon tore into the beam.

Vega grunted and pulled trying to break free as the blades had gotten stuck on the beam and was suddenly hit in the back repeatedly by Chun Li who took advantage of his situation and landed hits on him.

Vega seeing his situation dislodged his hand from the weapon and ducked under Chun Li’s incoming kick and delivered a backwards elbow into her stomach causing her to inhale sharply at the collision against her ribs. She evaded his next attack and dropped low aiming to trip him up. Vega raised his foot up avoiding the attack and threw out his foot aimed at her face and she blocked it in time.

She then performed a combo delivering fast and powerful blows onto him which to his credit he blocked a partial of before The Chinese Fighter slammed both of her palms into his chest knocking him backwards but stayed on his feet.

He brought a hand up to his chest and felt the bruise on his body which sent him into a murderous rage that his beauty would be ruined. “Few have wounded me, and even fewer have lived to tell the tale!”

“Well I guess I’m going to live to tell it then.” Chun Li said as she got back into a fighting stance.

Vega reached and pulled, yanking out his Claw from the beam and strapped it back onto his hand as the two glared at one another.

Outside two people were seen in the parking lot and were planting devices on the back of vehicles. The camera outside had been rigged so that it was just seeing a repeating scene from earlier so no one knew what was going on.

The two men were assigned by their Master to rig the cars with bombs. So that when someone tried to leave, they would be unknowingly sparking their own demise upon doing so.

They planted the bombs as they were set to go off the minute the key of the ignition went, thus detonating and catching them in an explosive fireball with no chance to survive. With Vega killing the ones he had been assigned to kill also, this would spark an all out war in The Underground of Asia and once they had finished killing each other, Bison with Shadaloo would easily swoop in and destroy the rest and take control of them.

However they were unaware of a woman in a red dress who had followed them and had witnessed their actions and reaching into her dress Ada Wong pulled out a handgun from her hiding spot and emerged unknown to them.

She pulled the trigger and the gun with a silencer on it went off, the toxin laced dart hit one in the chest and before the other could react or defend himself she shot again getting them in the neck killed him as well. The two dropped to the ground dead.

“Nifty little weapon.” Ada said praising it as it did not leave nearly as much of a mess as a regular bullet would have.

“That handles our part.” A voice was heard and she looked as Revy was shown as she lit up a cigarette and Tong worked to remove and dismantle the bombs from the vehicle.

“Make sure these two are properly disposed and taken care of.” Ada told her. “We don’t want anyone finding them.” She said as she took the bag of explosives.

“Yeah, yeah.” Revy said as she dragged the two corpses away to dispose of them as Ada went back in to take her position for the treaty that was about to take place as she took her seat and watched on as she saw Tong return to her blackjack table back in her disguise as she had done her part as well.

The Heads of The Clans met one another in the center as they each prepared to sign the treaty and all onlookers looked on

Chun Li and Vega continued their duel, neither backing down from the other as they fought on as they exchanged kicks, blows and attacks.

Chun Li evaded his attacks as the thrill of the fight burned and swelled up within her. It had been a long time since she had fought someone who had lasted this long against her and provided her with competition.

She threw spinning jabs at him which he avoided and threw out a leg which she blocked. She threw one of her own and Vega caught it and went to twist and snap her ankle but Chun Li leapt up and delivered an enziguri with other leg catching him in the side of the head.

Vega quickly recovered and crouched low waiting to pounce like a cat but did not move. Chun Li caught her breath as the area was too small for her to use her Kokosho. Normally she wouldn’t think about charging at him seeing how he was like that, but the fight had taken hold of her and she lunged at him and leapt up and threw a kick.

He disappeared in a flash and Chun Li realized that he was right behind her as that was a feint to trick her that he had played her perfectly.

He lashed out at her aiming a slice right at her back and Chun Li cried out. That one nearly went right into her flesh as a deep cut mark was on her outfit exposing her back, another blow like that would shred her apart

Vega leapt and twirled in midair like a drill and nailed her knocking Chun Li back and onto the floor.

“You are a prestigious kill,” Vega said to her a sadistic look in his eyes beneath his mask. “Take pride in knowing that you fell by my hand.” He said as he prepared to end it.

The next thing he knew however he was kicked in the side by a woman clad in purple and white. “What?!” He shouted and turned his head and saw who had assaulted him.

“Mind if I crash the joint?” Juri asked with a sadistic grin her Feng Shui eye glowing in the dimness of the room.

“Wretched sow!” He said and lunged at her as Juri’s grin grew as she engaged him in battle.

Juri threw out kicks sending energy chi at him which he blocked. The Tae Kwan Doe master attacked him and Vega having had his hands full with the prolonged battle against Chun Li was not focused or coordinated enough to handle a new challenger so sudden. He used his speed and agility to dodge them and lashed out with his claw at her but Juri evaded his attacks a mocking grin on her face which infuriated him at her wretched display.

Being consumed by his fury he attacked wildly like a savage beast, forgetting all pretenses of beauty, all that mattered was gutting her stomach to him. “Now this is getting fun!” Juri cackled at him as this was her kind of fight. The two continued on fighting one another, each going for the jugular with their blows with the first connecting being the winner.

Juri did a spin kick looking to twist his head completely around with the force she put in it but he ducked under it and reached out and caught her by the throat choking her and lifted her up.

“You’re dead!!” He exclaimed bringing his claw back as he aimed for her unprotected stomach. “An ugly death that’s as hideous as you awaits you!”

“I don’t think so!” A voice shouted and he was hit and dropped the Korean woman.

He had not realized, so caught up in trying to kill the spider woman, that Chun Li had rested and recovered and had reentered the fray. The two stood beside one another and dove down onto him.

The two attacked him in unison each throwing blows in perfect coordination and even he, Master Assassin that he was, could not hope to follow and deflect them as they rained blows down upon him. They pummeled him relentlessly battering his body and chest with their joint attacks as they beat him senseless and he did not see Juri disappearing in a purple flash appearing right behind him.

“Looks like its game over for you!” Juri said a carnal look on her face as she drew her leg back and thrusted it forward

Juri’s energy flowing leg slammed into Vega’s back and he spat up blood as he felt his spine being crushed by the impact. His claw came loose and fell off of his hand.

Chun Li seeing his wounded state saw an opening and went and performed a move, she began kicking at him, blindingly fast and neigh impossible to keep up with as her legs were a blur as she delivered the onslaught onto him.

Chun Li’s kicks came seemingly without end and cracks formed on his mask from the relentless onslaught, She did not let up as they continued on before jumping and turning upside down performing another of her signature moves, The Spinning Bird Kick.

The first kick shattered Vega’s mask revealing his bottom mouth and the blows came at him as each one connected

The blows shattered his jaw dislocating it and knocking him out as he slumped to the floor, defeated.

The two Queens stood over the fallen Assassin.

“Let’s cut off his head and show it to everyone above!” Juri said with an eager smile as the thought of it pleased her but Chun Li saw a more pragmatic approach than to do so.

“No, I have a better idea.” She said as the treaty had now been finished up.

Vega’s motionless body was seen on top of a car roof and the hidden agents, a British Woman and a Japanese man who wore a mask covering his lower mouth who had infiltrated the treaty meeting could only look on at what they saw. On his broken mask was a symbol which they didn’t recognize as well as a forged letter he had about how the notorious M. Bison who was also one of their targets was planning on bombing embassy’s worldwide including attacking the Yakuza Treaty but with Vega being wanted by so many for his crimes apprehended and arrested him not caring who had stopped him.

Later on, a private jet was seen departing Tokyo and heading towards Hong Kong and in it was a group of women.

“I still say we should’ve went with my idea.” Juri complained as she stretched her arms onboard. “Or at least remove a foot.”

“Pragmatism I’ve found to be more beneficial than sadism in the long run Juri.” Chun Li said to her as she read an article about his arrest on a tablet. TenTen was seated beside her mother joining her. Chun Li reached over and stroked her daughter’s head making her smile at her loving touch. “One of Bison’s top agents has been arrested, and thanks to our letter it’ll be known what they think he’s going to do and he’ll have Vega killed by another for failing. Vega’s the type who will sell him out to save his own hide. All attention will be directed towards Shadaloo and as a result he’ll have to fight them off now.”

“Meaning he’ll no longer be able to interfere in our affairs due to having to fight them off.” Ada said making Chun Li nod.

“There’s many who want the bastard dead, The U.S. Major I hear about is up there with you Chuns.” Revy said polishing her ‘‘cutlasses’’ and smiling at how her guns gleamed. “We’ve got any major organization after him now including Yakuza, Triads and many more now that they think they know what he tried to do.” She said as they had played them all.

“It’s possible that now with so many gunning for him, he’ll be severely weakened afterwards regardless of the outcome at dealing with so many, he may possibly die.” Tong Pooh said to her.

“No,” Chun Li said and her eyes hardened. “Bison will die one day, but not by any other person’s hands.” She told the group who looked on at her.

“When he dies, when the last desperate breath escapes his lungs and his heart beats its very last, he’ll look up and see that it is me standing above him, knowing that his death came by my hand and my hand only.” She vowed as The Queens of Hong Kong made their way.

“Hey what’s that?” A male voice called out having spot something.

“What do you see?” A female voice, his companion said to him.

Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno were seen inside a cave. The two having been sent to this place to investigate it and had come upon an item that Naruto.

They looked on at an old object that was on a pile of rocks. It was an old fashioned tea lamp made out of bronze. The thing was covered in dirt and rust from over the years as it looked like it had been seated there for years it looked like.

The two were now older, each being seventeen. And had advanced in their relationship, from being teammates, to friends, to something much more between them over the years. They were in love with one another.

“What’s this old thing?” Naruto asked looking on at the bronze object that was there.

“It looks like an old lamp.” Sakura told him as she examined it looking on at the item in front of them.

“Lamp? As in you mean from like Fairy Tales and such?” Naruto asked her as he reached out and picked it up off the rocks.

“There might be a Genie inside.” Naruto exclaimed with an eager grin as he held and rubbed it with his hand as Sakura looked on.

“Naruto, I hate to break it to you.” She told the blonde. “But I’m afraid that lamp’s empty no matter how much you rub it. There’s no genie inside.”

“How cool would it be to have one though?” Naruto said with a grin as he held and looked on at the lamp. “You could have anything you wished for from it.”

“If you had a wish, you’d probably waste it with a wish for your house to be filled with nothing but endless ramen.” Sakura told him dryly. “That’s the kind of thing you’d wish from it.”

“W-Would not!” Naruto protested weakly, as that WAS the first thing he would’ve wished for from it.

“It’s a nice dream Naruto,” Sakura told him “But Genies don’t exist and can’t just expect something to happen just because you wanna wish for it.” She said to Naruto who looked down at the object.

“Just seems like a hunk of junk then.” Naruto said and tossed it overhead without a concern. “Might as well go home.” He said as he prepared to leave.

“Naruto be careful!” Sakura said and caught the lamp before it hit the ground. “Just because it doesn’t grant wishes doesn’t mean you can toss it aside like trash.” She chastised him.

Suddenly unaware to her, smoke began to emit from the lamp, a bright pink smoke exited it and began to surround her. She then saw it and witnessed the smoke as it seemed to be going around her. “What’s this?” She said as just now the lamp was acting up.

The smoke formed around her body engulfing her as sparkles appeared in it. She tried to bat it away but it clung to her and wasn’t going away.

“Naruto!” She shouted panic in her voice at what was happening just now.

“Huh? What the?” Naruto exclaimed turning around to see what was happening. “Sakura?!” He shouted and ran at her trying to get to her but was too late. Sakura disappeared, going inside the lamp

“Sakura? Sakura-chan!” Naruto shouted as he shook the lamb and removed the lid from it and peered inside but saw nothing inside of it. As if she had vanished. “Bring her back!” He shouted. “Bring back Sakura! Now!” He demanded to it as she wasn’t anywhere he angrily shook and rubbed the side of it.

Pink smoke shot out of the lamp causing Naruto to duck his head and drop the lamp to the ground as it fell with a clang.

“Naruto!” A voice shouted and he lifted his head and his eyes widened at what he saw. “Just what the heck were you thinking?” Sakura exclaimed to him anger in her green eyes.

“Uh Sakura?”

“What!” She snapped at him as she towered over him, that’s odd, since when was Naruto that short?

“Um, Sakura I think you need to take a look at a mirror.”

“What are you taking about?” Sakura said and suddenly realized she was hovering in the air just now looking down at him. And that her outfit was different also.

“M-My clothes!” Sakura shouted as her regular outfit had disappeared, she was now wearing a pink harem like outfit complete with a bra over her chest and was wearing jewelry on her arms and earrings. “What happened to my clothes?” She said wrapping her arms around her body a bit embarrassed that Naruto was seeing her in such a revealing outfit and he wasn’t looking away either. Her hair he noticed was longer as well going to her shoulders and was done in a different style now.

“That ain’t the only thing that’s missing.” Naruto said as he looked down and Sakura did too and gasped at what she saw.

“My legs!” She exclaimed as there were gone as instead there was a smoke like substance where her legs should be at. “Where’s my legs!” She said as she felt around for them but they weren’t there on her body.

“Whoa, what the heck happened to ya?” Naruto asked as he waved a hand through the smoky substance as her legs had disappeared having vanished as she now had a smoky bottom half instead.

“I, I don’t know. I’m as confused as you are.” Sakura said to him not understanding what happened. She wasn’t, she wasn’t human anymore it seemed like. Her body felt different now with what had happened.

Naruto looked on scratching his chin as he stared at the hovering girl in front of him. “I know!” He said snapping his fingers. “You’ve become a Genie!”


“Well, look at you, you look just like I’ve seen in books and movies. Remember Aladdin and those pictures of them that Jiraiya had-”

“Don’t remind me!” Sakura shouted a heavy blush over her face remembering what the Toad Sannin had drawn and shown to them. “But how did I turn into one? You touched it first, how come you didn‘t become one?” She asked not understanding why he hadn’t been turned instead.

“Maybe the lamp only works on females and turns them into one.” Naruto said as he looked on at it trying to see if there was any writing or message on it. “I guess that’s why it didn’t work on me and only worked on you instead. The last one must‘ve escaped the lamp somehow and when you took hold of it, it sensed it and turned you into one so to fill the vacancy.”

Sakura shook her head as this was a lot to take in. Had she really became a Genie just now? She moved around but felt a pull when she went a distance and looked back at the lamp as she couldn’t go any further. “I can’t go past a certain limit, I’m confined to how far I can go.” She said as it was now dawning on her of her predicament. She was bound to the lamp and could not escape.

“Wow, that’s a bummer.” Naruto said as she could only go a limited length from it. “But look on the Brightside, you can grant wishes now!” He said trying to cheer her up. “And since I released you, that means I’m your master.”

“Oh great,” Sakura said as she was now the servant to the most unpredictable person in the world. Who knows what he’ll think up. “Naruto, you’ve gotta change me back, if you use them all up I’ll be stuck back in there and you won’t be able to release me since you’ve already done it.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Naruto said as he realized he only had three of them he remembered. He had to save the last wish to turn Sakura back into human or else she’ll remain trapped. “But how come you can only get three wishes? You’d think there’d be more than that you’d get to have. I wish I knew how come that-”

“Don’t!” Sakura said clamping her hand over his mouth. “You would’ve just used one of your wishes if you finished that sentence.” She proclaimed as he unknowingly almost did if she hadn’t stopped him and would‘ve wasted a wish.

“Oh yeah, you’re right. Good catch Sakura-chan.” Naruto said as he nearly blew one of them if she hadn‘t stopped him just now. Sakura saw she was going to have to be careful so he didn’t absentmindedly waste one of them like he almost did.

“You’ve got to be careful in how you do this Naruto, you can’t just say the first thing off your head.” She told him as this was a big responsibility. “Although I hope that I can be turned back into a normal kunoichi when you wish me back.

“Don’t worry Sakura-chan.” He said comforting her seeing her a bit downtrodden at her predicament with a warm smile which no matter how many times she saw it lifted her up. “We’ll find a way to work this out, just enjoy for the fact that you’re something awesome. After all, how many people can say that their girlfriend is a Genie?”

“You’re right.” Sakura said and smiled back at him as he always knew what to say to cheer her up. “Well hurry up and make some wishes so I can be changed back.”

“Hang on,” Naruto said to her. “I haven’t thought of anything yet.” Naruto said and Sakura looked on at him a bit disbelief on her face that he hadn’t thought of anything.

“Well just wish for a mountain of Ramen twice then.” She offered to him as she wanted to get this done.

“I don’t think even I could eat all that.” Naruto said to her. “This is pretty neat and I wanna not make something foolish and waste it. This could help us out if we use this correctly.” He said as he thought about what he could do.

“Sigh, fine,” Sakura said to him. “Just promise me you’ll decide on something soon and that you’ll wish me back to normal with your final wish okay?”

“Of course Sakura-chan, no way would I ever forget about doing something like that.” He told her with a smile. “But right now we should probably head back home.”

“Yeah you’re right.”

“Hopefully Baa-chan can help you figure out a way to change back whenever we get back to Konoha.”

“Maybe, she might know something about this.” Sakura guessed.

“That settles it then, let’s head back then.” He said and turned and walked away looking to exit.

“Ahem!” Sakura called out to him from behind and Naruto turned around and saw her hovering there an annoyed look on her face her arms folded across her chest. “Some of use aren’t able to walk you know?” She said to her boyfriend motioning to the lamp on the floor.

“Hehe, sorry Sakura.” He said sheepishly and went and picked up the lamp thus enabling her to go with him. “I bet Baa-chan’s gonna flip when she sees this and go on another bender.”

“Yeah.” Sakura told him as she hovered beside him as they exited the cave. She could just imagine Tsunade’s reaction to when she saw her pupil like this when they got back, having been turned into a Genie.

“You know Sakura-chan,” Naruto said with a smile. “You look really good in that outfit.” He told her causing her to blush at his words as her shoulders were bared and so was her stomach as well. “I wouldn’t mind you keeping it when you get turned back into human.”

“Y-You really think so?” Sakura said to him as her body had developed over the years.

“Sure! You look beautiful in that.” He complimented her as he was enjoying the outfit on her. “I bet Ino’s going to be jealous when she sees you like this.” He said to Sakura who looked on at him. “You seem to have gotten the hang of flying or hovering now.”

Sakura looked on at her unusual body that she now possessed as she went with him. It was odd not having legs now.

“Naruto, good thing you were here with me and I would’ve been trapped and who knows how long I would’ve been stuck in there.” Sakura told him as she hovered in front of him.

“No prob-” Naruto started to say when she put a finger on his lips.

“Since I am your servant for now,” She said with a rather devious smile to him. “Would you like for me to do something for you?” She asked him.

“Nah, I ain’t thinking of any wishes yet.” Naruto said when Sakura’s lower smoke half wrapped around him holding him in place. “Sakura-chan?” He said a bit confused as she was right in front of him.

“You don’t need a wish for me to grant you this.” She said and leaning forward kissed him on the lips.

Naruto blushed feeling her kiss him but after a moment shut his eyes and wrapped an arm around her back and began to kiss her back as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

The two stood there kissing and engaging one another as they did. Naruto holding onto the Genie girl in his arms before him as the two enjoyed the moment

The two shortly afterwards broke away from each other both of them smiling.

“I would like to do that again.” Naruto said to Sakura who smiled back at him.

“Your wish is my command Master.”

Cherry Blossom of The Lamp
Point Commission done for WielderofBlueFlames who wanted a NaruSaku story with Sakura becoming a Genie

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto


Exceed all Expectations
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I am a writer on and some of you here may have read my stories like Revenge Of The Fox, A Father's Wrath, Blood is Thicker than Bone, and others.

I enjoy writing and I'd like to make it a profession. I enjoy games as well and I'd love to be able to work on and develop a game.
Got my preordered copy of Final Fantasy XV today and am enjoying it so far. Games pretty fun and I'm enjoying the characters as well.
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