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Mai Valentine was considered one of The Top Duelists in the World. The Buxom Blonde had met very few who could defeat her and her skills when it came to dueling. When she entered a Duel she was confident that she would soon be victorious over her opponent.

However she now found herself on The Defensive and in a losing battle against a foe who had mysteriously appeared.

She grunted and looked on her cards in her hand trying to decide the best course of action. She looked down and then back up as The light of the Moon shined down upon both her and her adversary.

The woman across from her had long green colored hair and was wearing gold jewelry on her arms and her dress and outfit was so red Mai was convinced it was the color of blood. The woman’s skin was also an eerily pale color.

Mai had been at a club enjoying and listening to the music that was playing, the blonde by herself. Having enjoyed wooing the patrons at it and stringing them along using her feminine charms on them which few could resist.

As she was enjoying herself she had spotted the woman appearing and her eyes had been on Mai the entire time she was there. Something about her eyes was off to Mai and she didn’t like the way they seemed to stare right into her. Always she felt them on her. She had left shortly after she saw her the first time and had went to head home going through the park when the woman appeared in front of her and challenged her to a duel putting Mai in this position.

Mai didn’t bother caring about what color her skin was, it didn’t matter to her if she didn’t get out in the sun enough. She was going to win this duel one way or another.

“Make your move or surrender.” The woman across from her with A Duel Disk said to Mai and The Blonde frowned. Camula that was her name had appeared while she was walking and challenged her to a duel and Mai had accepted. Despite not knowing what type of duelist she was.

Mai had soon discovered Camula was a Zombie Player and that her strategy consisted of keeping her monsters on the field and protecting her. Even if Mai knocked out one it would soon be back on the field due to her deck’s style.

(I only have Harpy Lady on the field.) She mused looking on at her lone monster who was in defense mode. Camula had Vampire Lady and a powerful summon known as Vampire Genesis out. (This lady’s tough but I’m not backing down. All I need is the right card) Mai thought and went to draw a card and smirked as it what she needed.

“Your good Camula I’ll give you that. But it’s time I win this match.” She said and placed a card down. “First I start my comeback by activating Swords of Revealing Light!” She said and a group of swords appeared shining brightly which Camula covered her face with her hand as if the Light was hurting her. “Now that your Vampire’s can’t move I’ll power up Harpie Lady with Cyber Shield!” She said summoning The Armor which covered her Monster boosting its power. “Harpy Lady, switch to attack position and knock Vampire Lady out of here!” She ordered and her monster flew at Camula’s monster

“Fool!” Camula taunted her. “I activate Giant Trunade!” She called out and Mai gasped in shock. “And wipe out your Swords returning them to your hand! And not only that but Cyber Shield as well!” Camula claimed and Harpy Lady’s armor vanished and her attack power returned to normal and she was grabbed by Vampire Lady who had an evil smile as the swords faded away.

“No…” Mai said as her plan had failed.

“Tear out her Harpy’s’ Throat!” Camula ordered and Vampire Lady bit down onto Harpy Lady’s neck and Mai’s monster gave out a cry of pain before shattering to pieces leaving Mai with no defense.

“Now, Vampire Genesis end it!” She ordered and her most powerful monster let out a roar. “Crimson Storm!” She commanded and it let loose with an attack aimed directly at her.

Mai’s life points plummeted to zero ending the duel with Camula the winner who had an unpleasant smirk on her face. “Looks like I win,” She said to Mai who her hands on her knees over her loss.

“Darn it, underestimated her.” Mai said to herself not believing she had lost and so badly as well. She barely did any meaningful damage to her life points.

“And now.” Camula stepping forward. “It’s time I claim my prize.” She said and Mai raised her head looking at her.

“What? Prize? We weren’t battling for anything and I’m not planning on giving one of my cards or Harpy Ladies over to you and your undead friends.” Mai said at her and Camula smirked at her.

“Foolish girl, I’m not interested in your cards.” She said to her stepping towards her and grinned showing teeth sharper than they should be. Mai backed up a bit in alarm as something seemed not right about her as Camula walked towards her. “I want something else.” She said to Mai. “I want…you.”

“Me?!” Mai said in surprise and shock at her words. “Excuse me lady but I’m not for sale!” She said glowering at her and Camula smirked at her.

“Do you really think you can resist me my dear?” She asked her. “Do you even know what I am? Do you really believe that I’m some mere human?” Camula asked her. “I’m far more than what you could possibly hope to understand.” She said to her.

“Stay away from me you sicko.” Mai said to her glaring at her. Camula laughed at her and Mai felt shivers rushing up her spine at hearing her.

“The legends of my kind have been spread for generations, the tales of us scaring children in front of their parents’ hearths fearing us coming to take them in the night.” Camula said. “Despite the hundreds of years that have passed people still believe in me and my kind despite our scarce numbers. Even today the world is mystified and threatened of what we are and what we can do.” She said to Mai who backed away.

“What are you saying?” Mai asked a part of her not sure she wanted to find out.

“I am a Vampire, Camula The Mistress of The Shadows.” She said introducing herself formally to her.

“N-No way!” Mai said in disbelief. “Vampires don’t exist.” She said to her. But after what she had seen beforehand in the past she wasn’t sure she could make that statement.

“I’m as real as you are my dear, and you know what I desire right now?” She asked and whispered one word softly showing a hint of her fangs. “Blood.”

Mai gasped and turned and ran. Camula smirked watching her. She wanted her to run, that just made things more fun as she licked her lips hungrily.

“Gotta get outta here!” Mai shouted as she fled running through the park. Not daring to turn around and see how far she was behind her. Nowhere would be close enough. The blonde ran through the park as fast as her feet could carry her. Around her it seemed as if the park had turned ghastly as if to mock her or her imagination was fooling her.

“Why delay what’s going to happen?” Camula’s voice was heard and she whipped her head around trying to spot her but didn’t see her anywhere. “You know how this is going to end.” Her voice said taunting her. Mai continued to run through the park and spotted a tree

Mai hid behind the tree, pressing her body against it.

“Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.” Camula’s voice was heard echoing all around in a mocking singsong voice. “I know where you are and can smell your fear my darling.” Her voice said and Mai whimpered pressing against the tree shutting her eyes. “Nothing you can do can save you.”

Mai pressed her body against the tree her eyes shut tight praying that she wouldn’t find her. Several tensed moments passed and nothing happened. Mai dared to open one eye and didn’t see anything. She opened her other purple eye and peeked her head around the tree.

There was no sign of her, no sign or nothing of the female Vampire whatsoever. Where had she gone?

Suddenly she felt the feeling that someone was close.

“Done already?” Camula asked behind her and she whipped around fear in her eyes as she was right there. “Ready for me to taste your blood?” She asked and brought a hand up to Mai’s neck. “I can tell it will be most tasty.”

Mai screamed and turned and ran for her life desperately trying to save herself.

Like a Wolf stalking its prey, Camula followed after her.

Mai continued to run through the park when she saw the exit to it and the street. If she got out there she could get indoors or find someone to help her from this monster.

Mai tripped suddenly and fell to her feet and turned and saw Camula walking towards her. Mai gasped outloud as she was getting closer with each step. She looked and spotted two sticks nearby.

Just then an idea came into her head on how to get rid of her.

Mai grabbed the two sticks and turned them around bringing them up one vertical the other horizontal hoisting them in the air in front of The Vampire.

Camula raised an amused eyebrow at her. “Just what are you doing?” She asked as Mai held them up defiantly at her.

“This is a cross!” Mai shouted at her holding them up and forming it. “Vampires are weakened by the sign of it.” She said to her holding up the makeshift Cross in front of her

Camula looked at her and suddenly began giggling covering her mouth for a second before pulling her head back and letting out a loud laugh full of amusement at her who only stared there not understanding.

Camula stopped laughing and turned to look at her. “Fool! A Cross may work on me, but only if the person who wields or creates one is a Religious Person. And you my dear,” She said and an evil grin spread on her face as she took a step forward closing the distance. “Are not.”

Mai gasped in horror as Camula smacked them out of her hands. She turned to run but Camula grabbed her by her long hair stopping her in place.

“No escape.” Camula said holding her by the hair with one hand. Mai tried to bring her hands up and pull free but to no avail as The Vampiress’ strength was too much. Camula then gave a yank and pulled her back so she was leaning staring up at her holding Mai up.

And exposing her neck.

“N-No Don’t!” Mai pleaded fear in her voice and eyes as she couldn’t move.

Camula smiled showing a pair of fangs as she brought a hand and stroked her neck. She could feel it, she could feel the precious blood coursing through her veins. And the drumming of her heart was a tune she could dance too as she heard it pounding and beating. She traced a fingernail over it feeling Mai shiver. She could hardly contain herself any longer.

Camula than leaned down towards her neck opening her mouth.

“NO!” Mai shouted in horror.

Instead of feeling a biting feeling she felt something else was felt instead.

A soft moist feeling on it that surprised her.

Camula was kissing her neck. The Vampire instead of having latched onto and ripping her throat out with her teeth was instead kissing her neck. Mai gasped as she felt Camula’s lips trace against her flesh and shivered at its contact against her skin.

Camula continued to kiss her neck and began licking it at times she smiled feeling the blonde shiver as she trembled at what was happening to her. She wrapped her other arm around her to keep her upright as she continued to feast on her neck.

Mai whimpered as Camula pulled away and went up to her face and began kissing her cheek tracing her lips across her skin a smirk on her face as The Blonde was helpless before her and The Vampiress chuckled as she continued to do so. “You are so lovely.” She complimented the blonde examining her figure. Her shapely legs and her chest and her other body parts she had been blessed with. “I shall enjoy draining you of your blood.”

“No-” Mai started to shout but Camula covered her mouth with her own.

Camula kissed her and Mai cried out  but was unable to pull away from her as she was forcefully kissed by The female Vampire. Camula engaged her tongue as she kissed her. Mai tried to resist but found herself unable to do so as she felt her tongue inside her mouth.

Camula continued kissing her hungrily savoring and enjoying her taste. Having set her sights on Mai she would have her and her blood before the night was over.

She pulled away and softly stroked Mai’s lips who looked up at her whimpering at what she had been doing to her. Camula smiled at her and went as if to kiss her again.

Only to bite her fangs down onto her neck.

“AAHHHH!!” Mai screamed in pain as she felt her fangs pierce through her neck, weakly she tried to pull her away but to no avail. She then began to feel herself growing weaker.

Mai’s legs gave out from underneath her and she slunk to the ground. Camula continued to hold her in her arms. Mai sat there helplessly unable to move or struggle as Camula bit down on her throat. Mai could only look on as she saw what was happening as The Vampire was sucking out her blood.

Her arm began to go limp and slowly her eyes started to flutter. She tried to keep them open but due to being so weak she could not do so and they closed seemingly forever.

Camula after a few minutes pulled away Mai’s blood on her fangs. “Delicious.” She said savoring the taste of her blood. “Rare do I find such exquisite blood in humans. A most delightful meal.” She said with a laugh to her. “However I’m not finished with you just you.” She said an evil look in her eyes at Mai who was not moving or breathing.

“You shall become one with me.” Camula said to her stroking her lifeless body her hands running across her face. “A creature of darkness that feasts on the night and the predator of unsuspecting fools as I am your Master from this point forward and you my slave and Lover.” She said with a purr. “No longer are you a human Mai Valentine, from this day forth you are now like me, A Vampire!”

She leaned forward and kissed her cold lips. Kissing her hungrily and she soon felt a response and her starting to return it.

Serenity walked through the park cautiously, she had thought she had heard what sounded like a person screaming a while ago that had stopped her in her tracks upon hearing it. The girl was by herself and she thought that this wasn’t a bright idea as it was dark and she could barely see where she was going. She had gone and watched a movie with some of her school friends and after saying goodbye to them had headed home taking a shortcut through the park back to where she was staying at.

As the young girl walked through the park she thought she spotted something  in the bushes nearby and turned her head but didn’t see anything. Gulping a bit she hurried increasing her pace wanting to get home.

She looked and saw a familiar figure feeling her with relief up ahead.

“Mai!” She called out to her. “Am I glad to see you.” She said to The Blonde who had her back to her. “Mai it’s me Serenity.” She said as she wasn’t moving. “I’m surprised to see you out here by yourself.” She said walking towards her. “But you are a grown woman so I guess you do whatever you want.”

Serenity stopped when Mai didn’t answer and looked on at her. “Mai? Are you okay?” She asked and walked over and put a hand on her shoulder. Mai whipped around suddenly startling her and she cried out at what she saw.

Mai grinned evilly showing a pair of fangs at her. “Serenity,” She said with a hiss to her and a look of hunger in her eyes.

“Mai!!” Serenity shouted backing up horrified terror in her eyes at what she saw when she backed into something. Or someone…

“Hello my dear.” Camula whispered into her ear as Mai approached her the two trapping her leaving Serenity nowhere to run between the two Vampiress‘. “Prepare to join us.” Camula said her fangs trailing down near her neck.

A loud shriek was heard as the Moon shone down upon The City.

A point commission for Dragon-Cana-Love who wanted a story with Camula turning Mai Valentine into a Vampire

Disclaimer: I don't own any version of Yu-Gi-Oh
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