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“This is an interesting case.” The young boy said as he adjusted his glasses as he looked on. “Most peculiar,” He mused rubbing his chin as he looked on at it. He took out a notepad and read them trying to analyze what had all happened.

The boy, Conan Edogawa looked around as he studied his surroundings. The detective keeping a sharp eye out for any small details that could be the factor into cracking the case.

A shipment had arrived the other day. Full of artifacts which was to be placed in The Museum. Detailing about Mythology from Japan as well as Greek Mythology as well. He had wanted to go see them as he was interested. But something had happened, one of the listed items had gone missing when it was meant to be unpackaged. Hearing about this he had decided to investigate what had happened and get behind the mystery of it.

“The ship arrived yesterday at six PM. They unloaded the stuff from the ship and placed it in the Museum’s storage room where they’d signed the contract and received their fee from the Museum for delivering them.” He said as he recalled what had happened. “When they went to open them they discovered that one of the boxes had been opened. The crew were questioned and they were surprised as well as the boxes had all been locked and closed when they first got here.”

Something had happened to one of them, when they went to unload the cargo they discovered that one of the boxes had been open and they were looking for it but found no sign of it. It confused them as they didn’t understand what had happened. Unless someone was onboard and stole it but that would be impossible to do without getting caught or escaping. All crew had said they hadn’t seen anyone suspicious and only The Captain had access to the vault so that wasn’t possible.

He looked around and saw the box that was housing the missing item. He went over and examined it. The Detective studying it with keen eyes.

After a few minutes of analysis and judging the shape of the box as well as the condition of it he came to a startling conclusion about the opened box.

No, something didn’t open this, by the look of it. It wasn’t smashed open he could tell Something had broken out of it instead. Conan’s brows narrowed in confusion as he didn’t understand what could’ve caused this. It was said to have been a statue was inside it had been reported. The only way it could’ve happened was if it slide and fell over and smashed against the box, but even then it couldn’t go anywhere.

“Could someone have been inside the box with it?” He asked himself. “No that would be impossible, no way that could’ve happened. Even if it did how they escape with the item inside.” He mused to himself

“Perhaps they were apart of it.” A voice said suddenly.

“Well there’s always that but the chances of it are-” Conan cut himself off as he realized that someone was talking to him. “Oh boy, this can’t be good.” He muttered as he turned around to face the speaker.

“Hello little one.” The female voice said to him as Conan turned to look.

Conan’s eyes went wide, and then went wider as he looked on at what he saw before him. It was a woman? A snake? No, some kind of mixture of both.

Before him was a creature that had the upper body of a female but her lower half was similar to that of a reptile. He looked on as he saw the creature and his mouth dropped in shock at her as she had light brown skin with blonde hair in a bun style. Her lower half, the snake half was a black color with pink strips across it.

“What in the world?!” He said and surprise and shock at the creature as he looked on at her. The being before him let out a chuckle as she looked at him with her purple eyes. “A Lamia.” He whispered to himself as he looked on at her. That’s what she was. A creature with the upper body of a woman and the lower half of a snake. He remembered the tales he had read about them. One was said to have been a Queen of Libya.

He never thought he would encounter a mythical creature such as A Lamia. Then again he was a detective stuck in a kid’s body so he didn’t have any right to complain about seeing things that were unnatural.

“So long has it been since I’ve been free at last.” She said in a sultry tone of voice as she stretched her arms. “Been trapped in my stone prison for eons it feels like.” She said looking at the box she had been in with distaste. “Are you responsible for my freedom?” She asked Conan.

“Uh no, you mind explaining something to me?” He asked her. She smirked at him.

“Do you find me lovely?” She asked him.

“Well I’ll admit, you do have a certain charm about you despite lacking legs.” Conan said to her rubbing his head. She only smiled and slithered closer to him and he let out a nervous laugh.

“I was trapped by a wretched mortal who imprisoned me in stone. Turning me into Marble. I was stuck there for so long as I cannot remember when it happened or how longs its been.” She said to him. “I nearly went mad with all the time that passed.” She said with a hiss and Conan gulped seeing anger in her eyes. “But somehow I am free, perhaps I was only meant to stay a statue so long as I was at the place where he first imprisoned me. This is not the same place I was trapped at. Tell me young one, where am I?” She said cooing at him.

“Your in Japan Miss Lamia.” Conan responded to her. Slowly he was starting to put the pieces together. This Lamia had been trapped in stone long ago, but it would only be in effect so long as she was at the place where it happened which could be anywhere. When they brought her here, they unknowingly broke the curse on her and set her free from her stone prison and she was free again.

“I see, I didn’t understand what was happening when the stone surrounding me broke off but now I do. You humans have broken the curse on me and set me free.” She said to him. “For that you shall be rewarded.”

“Uh, no thanks.” Conan said dryly. “I don’t any money you have will be good currency here and OOF!!” He was tripped up by her tail knocking him to the floor. She looked down at him with a smile.

“Yes I shall reward you well,” She said to Conan who struggled to get up but her coils wrapped around him.

“Hey, cut it out!” Conan cried out at her when she frowned and gave a sharp squeeze and he let out a yell of pain as he felt her powerful coils crushing his small frame.

“Look into my eyes little one,” She said to him and suddenly her eyes began to glow. “Look into them and see your doom.” She said as her eyes glowed taking shapes and colors.

Conan grunted and tried to break free from them and remove the coils but was having a difficult time in doing so as they were deceptively strong. He turned his head away and grasped at them with his hands trying to pull them off him.

He was suddenly shaken all off a sudden by her tail and coils surprising him and making his head spin and he saw himself staring into The Lamia’s glowing eyes. Eyes that he found himself to be unable to pull away from with their brightness and attracting shapes that they had.

“Watch them.” She ordered in a sultry tone to Conan lifting his head up so he could look at her eyes.

Conan grunted and tried to pull away as she gripped his head with her hand so he’d be force to look at her. He looked up at the glowing orbs she possessed and slowly his own eyes began to glow as well. He tried to stop it but found himself unable to do so.

The Lamia lifted him up using her tail so to bring him up level with her face so they could look directly eye to eye as she pressed her face against his. Conan was helpless before her as he could do nothing as he stared into her glowing spiral eyes that went into his own. Playfully she stroked his head with the end of her tail as she looked on at him.

A silly smile started to appear on Conan’s’ face as he looked on as his eyes glowed and repeated the shapes they were in hers. His body started to stop struggling as well as he looked on.

The Lamia after a few minutes pulled away and her eyes returned to normal as she looked on at him as he was under her hypnosis and control now as she had used his powers to hypnotize him. Playfully she smacked his nose with her tail making him comically go cross eyed for a moment.

“Silly little boy.” She said with a smirk looking on at Conan. “You are all mine now.” She said to him.

With a grin, the Lamia kissed her new toy on the cheek as he was wrapped in her coils bound and immobilize. Conan still had that silly smile on his face oblivious to all that was happening.

The devious Lamia let out a laugh as she would enjoy the fun she would have with him

A point commission for ObsessedConanFan who wanted a story with Conan and A Lamia

Disclaimer: I don't own Case Closed

ObsessedConanFan Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Thank you very much for this ^^ I can not find enough of this stuff for me admittedly *Sheepish* It was well written and I loved how Conan's character was. Thank you so much once more ^^
SaiyanWarrior002 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Your welcome.
Hunter2045 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014

Will there be a sequel?
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