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Mowgli knew he was going against orders as he stealthily made his way through the village doing his best not to get seen. Using his quickness he scrambled up across a roof of a house and with a leap landed on a branch and hide behind a tree as he kept quiet seeing his chance he smiled and began walking.

He wouldn't be gone too long, just to see how his old friends where doing. Baloo, Bagheera and his Wolf Family. He missed them they where his family, he even missed King Louie and the Monkeys.

He'd only be gone for a while, he'd make sure of it. Short enough for no one to know that he had gone as he started walking through the branches of the trees taking in the view of the Jungle as the village disappeared behind him. It was good to be back

They'd be glad to see him especially Baloo the bear. Although Bagheera would most likely tell him to go back to the Man Village but he just wanted to see them for a little while, to tell them he missed them and that he thought about them all the time even when he was suppose to be working. Shere Khan was gone having ran off from this part of the jungle so he knew he wouldn't have to worry about him. It'd see them and be back home before they even knew that he had gone.

Mowgli stopped reaching the end of a branch and looked ahead as the next one was too far for him to jump across. He'd have to get down and walk from here on.

But he wasn't one to do things the easy way as he saw a vine nearby. Grabbing it with a smile he went and leapt aiming to swing across to it.


Unknown to Mowgli however the vine he had grabbed was old and wasn't very sturdy and ripped apart and broke midway across the swing. His eyes widened as he did a backflip in midair and plummeted downwards into the ground.

He fell and landed headfirst into a large log that was facing straight up. He fell into the hole and got stuck into it as his upper half was in it and stuck and his lower half, his legs and waist where free.

Inside the pitch black  of the log he frowned at his predicament Feebly he kicked his legs and squirmed trying to get loose as he couldn't move his arms as they were stuck to his side. Mowgli continued doing so trying to get unstuck.

Unaware to him however, a pair of eyes had looked on at the display with great interest.

As Mowgli continued his efforts he was unaware of a giant python bringing his long body down towards him a smile on his face.

The Brown snake recognized that red undergarment anywhere and knew instantly that it was the Man Cub who had gotten away from him twice. He had spotted him coming and had gotten ready to pounce him when he saw him fall and get stuck into the log, this was a too good of an opportunity to resist.

"It appears you are stuck eh Man Cub?" Kaa the Snake said softly to himself looking on at Mowgli's kicking feet. "You should always look before you leap otherwise you might end up crashing into the unknown." He said and patted Mowgli's bottom with his tail teasingly. Mowgli feeling the touch but unaware of his presence continued to struggle trying to get lose.

Kaa looked on amused at him, the boy had gotten himself trapped of his own doing. Everything was going better than he ever thought it could, perhaps someone up there liked him.

"I can help you out of there, but first." Kaa said and wrapped his coils around Mowgli's squirming legs. His legs continued to kick but not as well as he could as only his feet where able to move.

Kaa smiled and saw a hole near the side of the log big enough for his head to fit in. He lowered his head and placed it in.

Mowlgi was still struggling to get loose and wondering what was going on above as he couldn't move his legs as well as he could as if something was holding them.

Suddenly he saw a light appear in front of him, two lights in fact appearing in front of his face and began to swirl and change into different colors in front of him. Mowgli looked at then as they where directly in his face.

Slowly his own eyes started to change and reflect the colors as well, as they changed into a multitude of colors and spirals, they got closer right to his face as they began to go faster and faster and Mowgli's own eyes continued to reflect them If he could move his body and wasn't stuck in the log the way he was he might be able to turn away from them but with the position he was in unable to move his body he could only stare helplessly into them.

Ping! Mowgli's mind went empty as he stared blankly and helplessly as he stopped moving as his eyes where the same color as the spirals.

Kaa flickered his tongue out and tickled Mowgli's nose as the python's eyes returned to normal. Aside from scrunching up a bit he did nothing in response as the boy was hypnotized staring him face to face. Kaa let out a laugh at his success at finally catching him. He went and removed his head up from the log bringing near his wrapped up legs and lower body which had stopped kicking and loosened and removed the coils as they were no longer needed.

"Let's get you out of there." The python said and brought his mouth down and clamped it on Mowgli's loincloth and with a tug lifted him up out of the log. The boy stared a blank look on his face as his eyes still spiraled with the colors.

"Now then Man Cub, shall we go somewhere more private?" Kaa said to him through a mouthful of cloth and bounced the boy up and down to make it appear he was nodding his head.

With a grin Kaa carried him by his undergarment up higher into the trees taking his catch with him.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Jungle Book

Edit: Since a few of you asked, I'm willing to do a followup to this if anyone is willing to Donate points to me.
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