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Princess Jasmine let out a sigh of bliss as she rested peacefully, she felt as if she was engulfed and laying on the softest silk sheets that which covered her and kept her warm, it was something she never wanted to leave.

Unaware to her, it wasn’t exactly Silk she was covered in, something a bit more scaly actually.

“Such a pretty Princess,” A voice said and a hand stroked her face and it revealed to belong to the brown haired purple scaled Lamia who hours ago had hypnotized her and was now wrapped up in her coils. “And you’re all mine.” She said with a smile as she leaned back on the branch, she wore on her head the blue jeweled Tiara that Jasmine had always worn and she had decided to wear it on her own head.

What a stroke of luck it had been to have spotted her wondering through the Jungle all by herself, she had gotten a hold of her taking her up into the trees and appearing friendly got her to drop her guard and when she least expected it had hypnotized her.

She brought the sleeping girl over to her and ran her fingers and her tail through her long black hair admiring her catch. All the others back in her home would be awed that she had caught her.

Deciding to have some fun she brought Jasmine up and she skillfully tossed her in the air and caught her in her arms. Jasmine let out another sigh as she was held in her grasp. “Jasmine you’re going to stay with me forever aren’t you?” She asked her.

“Yes,” Jasmine responded opening her eyes revealing the spirals in them as she had be hypnotized by her.

The Lamia laughed at her obedience. The Princess was now her pet, the irony was not lost on her.

Cupping her face she stroked her lips as the two stared face to face Jasmine under her complete control.

Before The Lamia could do anything she thought she heard a voice. She stopped and listened and she heard another voice.

“Now what?” She said irritably as she was getting ready to have some fun. She lowered herself and poked her head down through the branches and leaves to see what was happening.

She looked and saw to her surpise two figures. One was a human and the other perched on his shoulder was a parrot. The human was tale and lean and he wore black and red and carried in his hand a gold staff with the head of a cobra on it. He had a black goatee and beard as he walked through the Jungle talking to the red parrot on his shoulder.

Listening in she overheard what they were talking about.

“This is too easy, Iago I couldn’t ask for a better setup. Once we found Jasmine I’ll use my staff to hypnotize her and make her tell that witless buffoon to have her marry me and then I shall be sultan!” Jafar The Royal Vizier of Agrabah said as he walked through the jungle scanning it for any sign. “Soon I will rule over all!” He proclaimed with a cackle.

“Yeah, once we find her Agrabah is ours for the taking!” His parrot put in.

“Mine for the taking, Parrots aren’t meant to rule.” Jafar said and Iago frowned. “Jasmine’s bound to be around here somewhere. All we have to do is find her.” He said mentioning to his snake like staff which had red eyes

The Lamia looking on from above scowled in annoyance at his words. Jasmine was hers! She had claimed her first fair and square! If this creep with his yapping parrot thought for a moment she was going to hand over her pet he had another thing coming.

“Oh Princess? Please come out, your father is awfully worried about you…and I’m losing my patience you impudent brat!” Jafar said hissing the last part in annoyance that he hadn’t found the girl yet.

“I’m telling you Jafar she ain’t here. We’d be better off looking for a needle in a haystack  here instead of-” Iago was cut off when Jafar grabbed his beak.

“Silence you twit! I don’t need any distractions while I’m looking for her. She’s bound to be here somewhere. She was last seen heading in this direction.” Jafar said and let him go.

“But nobody ever comes this way, there’s nothing here!” Iago protested. “Believe, I’ve flew over this entire place before in my free time, there’s nobody here or any reason to come here! Unless you like frolicking about with Nature.” He muttered.

“Maybe to your blind eyes but I have more keen observation skills than you dumb animals.” Jafar said ignoring the red Parrot’s scowl.

The Lamia frowned seeing that the two could be a problem, she’d have to deal with them. First thing first though.

She carried Jasmine in her arms to a hole in the side of the tree large enough for her to fit and placed the sleeping girl in and kissed her on the cheek. “Wait right here, I’ll be right back I promise Jasmine.” She told her and left to deal with her unwanted guests.

As she turned she was unaware of her tail trailing across her nose and a small sneeze escaped Jasmine after she left. The Princess then started to wake up and her eyes returned to normal wondering where she was.

“Oh Princess, please stop this game and come out!” Jafar called out. “You can’t hide forever.” He said with a  dark chuckle to himself.

Suddenly a flock of birds dove at him much to his surprise and he ducked in time. “Annoying pests! Watch where your flying!” He muttered when he saw them turn around in midair and dive right at him again surprising him.

“Ahh! Watch out for droppings!” Iago shouted covering his head as they flew overhead.

“What is the meaning of this? Shoo, Shoo! You miserable rats with wings!” Jafar shouted swatting at them with his hand and his staff to try and get them away as they flew at him and one hit him in the head turning his hat sideways much to his anger.

“Go get them, you know what to do.” The Lamia said in a tree not far using her hypnosis first on the birds and now using it on a group of monkeys. The monkeys screeched and jumped away.

Jafar swatted at the birds in irritation with his staff and they began to fly off. Suddenly something hit him in the shoulder, he turned his head and saw dozens of small monkeys throwing rocks and pieces of fruit at him and Iago. “What the? Ow! Stop that! What are you flea bitten beasts doing!” He shouted covering himself with his hand as they continued to throw objects at him. “I don’t have any bananas so scram!”

From afar the Lamia looked on with a smirk at what they was doing, and the birds began diving at him as well

“Maybe they don’t like your personality?” Iago grumbled trying to dodge the fruit and rocks thrown at him as well. The monkeys continued throwing stuff at them and the birds kept flying past them

“Stop pestering me you cursed animals or I‘ll-”

SPLAT! Jafar was hit in the face by mud. Iago laughed at the sight before him at his mud covered face but was tempting fate when he got hit as well with a mud pie. In fury Jafar wiped the mud off his face. “Wretched beasts!” Jafar snarled in rage complete and utterly humiliated at what had happened. “No matter, I think she isn’t here. She wouldn’t come to such a despicable place.” He said preparing to leave having his fill of the Jungle.

“Gee, I wonder who told you that? Was it maybe someone who figured it out thirty minutes-AAHH!” Iago’s snide remark was cut short when Jafar bashed him on the head with his staff.

“Shut up! Let’s get out of this miserable jungle, I should have the guards burn this place to the ground.” Jafar grumbled and exited the jungle in fury that Jasmine wasn’t here.

Unaware to the two a figure dropped down from the trees behind them and stuck her tongue out at them mocking them as they left.

“Whew! Finally those two bozos are gone.” The Lamia said as it was good riddance to bad company in her eyes. “Now then to check on her.” She said and went up into the trees to check on her catch.

“Now then if there’s no longer any interruptions,” The Lamia said as she made her way back up. When she reached the top she came to the hole she had put her in. “Don’t worry Jasmine, I dealt with those-huh? She’s gone!!” She shouted upon seeing that it was empty and she wasn’t there.

Jasmine ran through the Jungle as fast as her feet could carry her, she had to run! She couldn’t stop for anything until she was back home and safe with her father in Agrabah.

She had waken up and slowly began to remember all that had happened to her, knowing she was in danger she had made her way down the tree not caring if she fell she would likely die or be seriously hurt, she had scrambled her way down the tree and upon reaching the ground dashed off not caring where she was going, anywhere was better than back there.

Suddenly she tripped over something and fell to the ground. She tried to stand up and continue running but she felt as if something grabbed her leg. She looked back and saw that a tail had grabbed it.

“Hey what’s the big idea running off like that?” A voice said and she looked up and saw The Lamia looking down from a tree at her with a frown and she was also wearing her Tiara as well.

“No please let me go!” Jasmine said clinging to the ground trying to get loose. “Leave me alone!” She yelled as she clung to a root.

“I’m not going to hurt you!” The Lamia said and tugged and pulled her up out of the ground as she was hanging upside down before her. Jasmine continued to struggle and the Lamia giggled at the sight of her shaking upside down. “C’mon just relax.” She said turning her right side up and seating her on the branch, Jasmine tried to struggle but she was wrapped up from the waist down pinning her arms to her side preventing her from trying to get free.

“Let me go!” Jasmine shouted still trying to get free.

“I think I know what you need.” The Lamia said leaning her head and her eyes began changing color as spirals appeared in them.

“NO!” Jasmine shouted turning her head and shutting her eyes tight remembering what happened when she looked at them.

“C’mon look at me.”

“Never!” Jasmine said in defiance refusing to open her eyes. The Lamia frowned at her, she had to find a way to get her to trust her and make her look at her. She could force her eyes open but where would the fun be in that? An idea than struck into her head…

“Jasmine.” She said calmly stroking her hair with her tail. “I’m sorry I hypnotized you back there, I’m willing to make you a deal.” She said to her who still had her head turned. “If you look at me in the eyes for five seconds and count to that number, I’ll let you go and never bother you again.” She explained to her.

“No! I don’t trust you.” Jasmine said still refusing to look at her and she scowled in irritation but a smile reappeared on her face.

“Don’t be silly, Lamias always keep their word. Just look at me for five seconds that’s all I ask.” She said to her. Jasmine still had her head turned not listening to her.  “Just five seconds that’s all I’m asking.”

“Do you promise?” Jasmine asked her still having her head turned.

“Yes, five seconds that’s all I want to look into your beautiful eyes a final time, then when you reach to five I’ll let you go and never bother you again.” She said to her and could tell she was considering it. “Just count to five that’s all you have to do.” She said to her and had spirals appear in her eyes as she did before

Jasmine warily turned her head and slowly opened her eyes looking her in the face.

“One.” She began counting and The Lamia began having spirals appear in her eyes. Jasmine looked into them and slowly she felt something happening.

“Two…” She said as the two stared at one another The Lamia using her hypnosis on her. Jasmine stared into the bright colors and felt what happened before coming over her.

“Three…” She continued but it was with more difficulty now as she was having more trouble forming the words as she looked in the spiraling multitude of colors and her own eyes began reflecting them as well like it had been before.

“Almost there, just two more.” The Lamia said to her, her arms behind her back a smile on her face as the two were face to face.

“F-Four…” Jasmine said slowly and with more difficulty. She was almost there, just one more word and she would be free, she struggled to move her lips and form the last one but slowly it started to come out.

“Fiv-GULP!” She was caught off when the Lamia pressed her lips against her own surprising her as she kissed her and pressed her eyes against her own cutting her off. Jasmine couldn’t do anything as she was kissed but look as she stared into the hypnotic colors and felt the last traces of her mind disappear as the Lamia‘s kiss being the last thing she remembered.

The Lamia pulled away and smiled as she was hypnotized again. “Aw, you didn’t get to five. I guess you are staying with me from now on.” The Lamia said with a smile. “Doesn’t that make you happy Jasmine?” She said as she wrapped her arms around her.

“Yes Mistress.” Jasmine said with an obedient smile entranced and under her control again.

The Lamia snickered in amusement as outsmarting her. “Now then, I’m going to make sure you don’t get out of my grip again my lovely pet.” She told her playfully running her fingers through her hair and tickled her stomach with her tail. “But that bearded creep and his yapping parrot might be back soon.” She said to herself but soon grinned and wrapped her up tightly in the coils. Jasmine let out a sigh of comfort feeling the softness of them, thinking she was covered in silk.

“I think a change of scenery is due, I think it’s time to return home. Let’s go.” She said and slithered down the tree carrying Jasmine in her coils.

“Everyone will enjoy seeing you, you’ll love the scenery.” The Lamia said to the Hypnotized Princess as she carried her out of the Jungle looking to return home with company.

A followup and continuation of The Lamia Jasmine story I had done a while back.

Disclaimer: I don't own Aladdin
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