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The sound of a body hitting the ground was heard.

The Schoolgirl glared at the dazed body lying in the dirt and turned on her heel and walked away.

"Lousy, rude, arrogant, dog eared JERK!" She grumbled to herself as he had acted rudely to her and so she in irritation had spoken the word.

"Sigh, how am I going to get back home? And how long is it going to take me to complete this task?" Kagome said to herself as she walked through the forests.

When she had first came to the Feudal World having being dragged forcefully down the well by the Centipede Lady, Kagome had at first thought this was going to be exciting, she quickly learned that she was in danger as it was a chaotic time in the Era. Bandits, Armies, not to mention Demons that had appeared more than willing to kill her without even blinking.

Thanks to her by accident she had shattered the Shikon Jewel which had scattered all across the land. The Village Elder had told her she had to find and repair them as she was the only one who had the ability to sense them due to her being a descendant and reincarnation of a priestess who lived fifty years ago.

She wasn't alone, though a part of her wish she was as her companion one by name Inuyasha had been sealed in a tree and she had unknowingly freed him. The Half Demon was Rude Impolite and extremely arrogant to her, The Prayer Beads he wore across his neck prevented him from harming her as she had to only say Sit and he would plummet to the ground.

"He maybe half dog but as far as I'm concerned he's half jackass!" She grumbled about Inuyasha.

She continued to walk and suddenly found herself nearing the well. She looked at it and approached it and peered down inside. She had come to this place by going down it. Would doing so again return her to her home and family?

She got ready to try when she felt touch her cheek. She brought a hand up to her face as it had stung her and she looked around. She looked and saw a black object dangling right in front of her.

"A hair?" She said quizzically as that was what it appeared to be, a strand of hair dangling in front of her.

"Interesting, few beings, let alone humans can see my hair." A voice said and she whipped around and looked around. She then felt the same feeling before as she looked around and felt it coming from the trees.

She looked up and saw a female figure standing on a branch above her. She wore a small black outfit that barely covered her figure with yellow sashes and had short dark green hair and red eyes. Strapped to her waist was a sword and in the other hand she had a comb in her hands which she brought up and ran through her hair. The woman smiled looking down at her.

"W-Who are you?" Kagome asked her trying not to show fear.

The woman smirked as she put away her comb. "You may call me Yura, or Yura of the Hair if you prefer."

"Are you…a demon?"

Yura smiled at her. "Why yes, yes I am little girl. And since I gave my name, it'd be considered rude to not give your own."

"Kagome." She let out as she felt danger coming from her.

"Hmm, that's a unique name. What stranged clothes you are wearing, I thought humans disliked showing their skin." Yura said to her mentioning to her shirt and green skirt her school outfit. "No matter, names and clothes aren't important anyway. I'll be taking your Shards now."

"T-The Shards!" Kagome squeaked out in surprise.

"Yes, I'll be taking them from you, I'll put them to better use than you. Give them to me now and I'll let you live, if you don't." Yura only smiled and reached towards the sword and started to unsheathe it.

"I'll take them from you, as well as your head."

Kagome clutched at the small bottle she had hidden as a necklace around her neck in fear at her threat. She couldn't just give them up to her. She looked around and saw the village in the distance. If she was fast she could get to Kaede and the Villagers and they could help her. It was a long shot but it was her only chance. Inuyasha couldn't help her now.

She turned and ran off in the distance heading towards the Village as fast as her feet could take her.

The Youkai's eyes narrowed as she watched her flee. "Foolish girl." She said and leapt through the trees. Easily outpacing her.

Kagome ran heading towards the Village as she saw it in the distance, as it was her only chance at surviving her.

She suddenly cried out in pain as she felt something jab into her arms and legs. She looked and saw wires, no hair sticking into her holding her in place.

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk," Yura said appearing in front of her waving a finger in front of her face as if she was scolding a three year old. "That wasn't nice," She said and reached out and stroked Kagome's black hair all of a sudden. "Ooh, how soft, I haven't felt such soft hair in ages." She said admiring her hair and the feeling of it in between her fingers.

"Stop that!" Kagome shouted trying to get free. Yura ignored her and ran her fingers through it. She then frowned and reached around her neck and undid the necklace and viewing the shards in it, put the bottle in between her cleavage. "Give those back!" Kagome shouted but gulped seeing the glare Yura gave her.

"I prefer my victims heads of hair to be separates from their bodies," She said and unsheathed her sword. Kagome's eyes widened in horror as she pulled it out. She trembled as she looked at the sharp sword. "Your hair will make a lovely addition to my own collection." Yura said to her and held up her small sword and prepared to kill her.

Kagome shut her eyes and winced preparing for the blow, ready to meet her end.

To her surprise it never come.

After a long moment she opened her eyes slowly and saw that Yura held her sword up high still but she seemed to be hesitating a bit a thoughtful look on her face.

"You can sense the Shards can you not? That's how you found me and located the ones I carry." Yura asked her surprisingly. When she didn't answer she frowned and tightened the grip on her sword. "Answer me…" She warned.

"Y-Yes, I can." Kagome stuttered out fear in her voice at her predicament. To her surprise the green haired woman lowered her sword and looked over her thoughtfully.

"Hmm, you possess the ability to sense them and possess powers of your own, that's how your where able to see my hairs, those are powers I could use." Yura said and unsheathed her sword but Kagome didn't relax one bit. "Killing you would be foolish. Your coming with me." She said to her.

"What?" Kagome let out not understanding.

Yura stretched out her hands and suddenly several tendrils of hair shot out. Kagome screamed and tried to run but wasn't quick enough and her arms and legs where snatched by the hair. The Hair held her in place and despite her attempts and struggles couldn't get free.

Yura smiled watching her futile struggle and grinned and made motions with her hands. The hairs started to wrap around Kagome binding her arms and legs wrapping her up. Soon her entire body except her head was wrapped up in hair.

"Let me go!" Kagome shouted shaking her head the only part that wasn't covered.

"I don't think so little one," Yura said and walked forward and cupped her by the chin. "You're going to help me find and complete the Shikon Jewel." She said with a smile to her.

"Never, not in a million years you monster!" Kagome shouted. Yura frowned and made a motion with her hand. The hairs covering her body suddenly tightened and Kagome let out a cry of pain as they constricted her and she felt some of them cut into her clothes and skin.

"You will help me, whether you want too or not ." Yura threatened her. "You got a bit of a mouth on you, I think I'll close it."

"Wha-" Before Kagome could finish the hair that covered her neck shot up towards her head. She cried out as it covered her mouth and eyes wrapping her head up in hair. Soon all by the back of head was covered up. Only her black hair stuck out from it.

"MMPH! MMPHH!" Kagome squealed in muffled grunts as the hair covered her mouth preventing her from speaking.

"Oh be quiet." Yura said but smirked at how wrapped up she was, unable to move a muscle or speak or see completely helpless as only the Youkai's hand was keeping her from falling to the ground. "I'll use your ability to sense the Shikon Shards to great effect. Once I find them all nothing will stand in my way." She said to her with a evil grin which Kagome couldn't see but felt. "If you behave and don't cause me any trouble I promise no harm will come to you, maybe I'll keep you around as a pet after I complete the Jewel." She said to Kagome who squirmed her body a bit.

She wrapped one arm around the younger girl's waist and with little effort tossed the wrapped up Kagome over her shoulder carrying her effortlessly. Kagome whimpered helplessly feeling herself picked up and tossed over her being carried like a sack of potatoes.

"Don't worry, I'll let you out of there eventually, I'll need to feed you and see to it that your hair doesn't get damaged and ruined. It'd be a shame to let such pretty hair it go to waste." Yura assured her which did little to comfort her. "Now, let's go we have a long journey ahead of us." Yura spoke and let out a giggle and leapt up into the air carrying the helpless Kagome. She disappeared over the horizon taking her captive with her.

An Alternate take of what happens when Kagome first meets Yura. YuraOfTheHairFan did the picture for me so all credit goes to them.
Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha
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